Terms and Conditions

Consenting Individuals

  • Entrants, parents and guardians agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
  • Parents and guardians give consent on behalf of their child(ren) to the following terms and conditions.

 Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • Be SEEDsational may collect personal information to provide you with communications about the ‘Seasonal Warriors Song and Dance Competition 2021’, ‘Seasonal Warriors Musical’ and other materials relating to the ‘Seasonal Warriors – Be SEEDsational Campaign’.
  • Be SEEDsational may collect any personal information provided for the use of further research and promotions.

Rights granted to Be SEEDsational

  • The Entrants, parents and guardians grant to Be SEEDsational all rights in relation to the video submission. This may be as part of a compilation; for exhibition by any means including theatrical screening, internet; for cable, satellite, microwave or by any medium not yet devised.

 Eligible Entrants and Entries

  • As of October 2021, entry is only open to residents of Australia aged 5-12 years old who reside in the Greater Sydney Area.
  • To enter the competition, an online submission form must be submitted by the parent/guardian of the entrant.
  • Submissions must be made using the entrant’s school email address. Any submissions not made using a school email address will be void.
  • Where there is more than one entrant per submission, an extra form must be completed.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed, regardless of category. All additional entries that appear to involve the same person will be disqualified.
  • Group performances must contain no more than 4 applicants.
  • Group entries must constitute entrant’s attending the same school.

Inappropriate Submissions

  • Submissions deemed to be inappropriate will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Submissions are deemed to be inappropriate if they contain:
  1. offensive language; or
  2. offensive material.

 Public Voting and Panel Voting 

  • Parents and guardians consent to their child’s video submission being uploaded onto a public voting platform to be viewed and judged by the public.
  • Video package prize winners will be determined through an online voting platform made available to the public.
  • Grand prize package winners will be determined through a panel of judges in accordance with a set judging criteria.

 Sharing Entries Online 

  • Parents and guardians consent to their child’s video entry being uploaded to Be SEEDsational’s voting system to be viewed by the public without further written and oral consent or notice.
  • Parents and guardians consent to their child’s name and photograph being published across Be SEEDsational’s social media, website and affiliate websites without further written and oral consent or notice.


  • Up to 12 entrants will be awarded the video package prize mentioned
  • Up to 2 entrants will be awarded the grand package prize mentioned
  • Winners will be notified of success in placing top 12 in the video competition, via email, on 10 December  2021.
  • Winners notified on 10 December 2021 must confirm acceptance of their prize by 15 December  2021, 11:59pm. Failure to do so will result in their position being forfeited to the top 4 reserves of the same school. (the 5th place, 6th place etc.)
  • Schools will be contacted at a later date, following the Seasonal Warriors Musical : Discover the Magic on 19 December 2021, about scheduling a performance, if an entrant from their school has been awarded the grand prize package. As of October2021, Be SEEDsational has no other obligation with respect to the aforementioned performance until further communications with the school has been established.

 Consequences as a Result of Participation in this Competition

  • Be SEEDsational is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced prizes, or any personal injury, damage, or loss of property arising from participation in this competition.

 Promotional Material

  • Entries made via schools consent to their name, photos and logos being displayed on Be SEEDsational’s social media, website and affiliate websites without further written and oral consent or notice for the purposes of acknowledgement and promotion.

Photography and Recording

  • Parents and/or guardians consent on behalf of the entrant, to the:
  1. taking of photographs of the child;
  2. recording of the child’s visual image, appearance, words and performance on film;
  3. recording of the sound of the child’s voice

by any member of the Be SEEDsational team. (These photographs, film recordings and sound recordings will be called “the Materials”.

  • Parents and/or guardians permit, on behalf of the entrant, Be SEEDsational and his/her/their licensees or assignees to use the Materials therefrom and any other reproductions or adaptations therefrom either complete or in part alone or in conjunction with any wording and/or drawings for all uses including publicity and/or merchandising and/or editorial purposes in any country. Unless otherwise agreed, the Materials or adaptations thereof shall be deemed to represent an imaginary person.
  • Parents, guardians and entrants understand that they do not have any interest in the copyright to the Materials nor shall they receive any further payment.

 Amending Terms and Conditions

  • Be SEEDsational reserves the right to all final decisions made, and to change, update or amend these terms at any time without notice.

*all 16 and above need to have proof of double vaccinations *all children must be accompanied by a double vaccinated adult from their household



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